Ultima VIII - Day 1

A shame to see the end of Ultima VII Part Two but also I was hanging out to play Ultima VIII. Back in 1995 when it was released I only played it a little and did not get really far before ditching it for something else. Maybe because I did not have a decent computer to run it.

Ultima VIII Pagan


I start off washed up on the shores of Pagan with a chap called Devon. He rescued me from the Lurker. After questioning him I move on to the town of Tenebrae where I witness a beheading at the docks.


I then start searching the town. Its hard to find a good starting point. I have just been getting used to the new movement and game changes. Hopefully I will get a lead soon. This should be some fun. Darn shame no expansion for this game. I’m sure the code is somewhere.

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