Ultima IX - Day 11

After cleansing the shrine in Yew I made my way back to the docks in Britain to meet up with Raven..but she was not there. In our last conversation she told me to meet her in the docks in Britain but she was nowhere to be found. WTF? I tried restoring a game to make sure that she was not trapped in Dungeon Wrong and that I had to somehow cut her free. Nooo…that would be too easy. I had to head back to the Court house in Yew and let the proceedings finish so that our names would be cleared.

Yew

Ultima IX - Day 10

My time between posts is getting pretty crazy. Side tracked is an understatement.

In my last posting I was ready to enter into the dungeon of Wrong, rescue Raven and return with the glyph. I remember Wrong from Ultima VII part 2, loaded with teleports, puzzles and long winding corridors. Wrong in Ultima IX is pretty confusing too. I think the confusing part is the sub level between levels. It's the jail section where all the prisoners are kept. To get pasted certain gates and locked doors you need to travel through it.


The dungeons contain lots of nasty torture devices. Ye olde iron maiden in the corner. The thing that is different with dungeon Wrong is that you can’t kill the guards. If they catch you your teleported back to your cell. The trick is to try and not get caught. After playing Skyrim you do notice the AI is pretty crap in the game. Read More...

Ultima IX - Day 9

Well its been five months between posts. I sort of got side tracked...


After cleansing the shrine of sacrifice I headed back to Britain (after several crashes grrr) and spoke with Lord British. He informed me that his astrologers have detected that the columns are pulling the moons into Britannia. Chaos will be upon us and soon all of Britannia will be destroyed. Not good, sounds like the guardian has HAARP technology and is not only creating earthquakes.

Lord British also told me that there is a secret route to Yew. Aha, I knew that mountain looked strange. With the magic that was forbidding the entrance to the cave removed I made my way through. My pike seems to slice the goblins to bits.


Ultima VI - Day 3

Well this is certainly getting interesting. I decided to steal a skiff which I guess removed some karma points. Then when I tried to use the skiff it said I needed a deed to use it. LOL. That’s when I decided to buy one. They really come in handy when you find water in a dungeon.

I took the Gargoyles book as instructed to the Lycaeum and Mariah told me she needed another part of a table to finish the translation of the text. She said she got the first part of the tablet from some group of gypsies in a bar. I then needed to hunt down the smelly gypsy scum. I managed to find them outside of Trinsic. I questioned them and found out that the pirates in Buccaneer’s Den hold the other half.


Ultima VI - Day 1 & 2

Ultima VI. I could not hold out to play this. It was always a game that I booted up but never really played. Guess I liked the intro and music more than dedicate the time to really play it.

Ultima VI Intro

Ultima VI intro

Ultima VI intro

I’m quiet surprised with the similarities to Ultima VII. It’s similar in many ways. My Roland Sound Canvas is not supported so I’m using my Roland CM-64. Does seem very Adliby though. Old Miles Sounds System. Music does get quiet annoying as its repeats the songs over and over again. Read More...