Ultima VII Part 2 - Serpent Isle

Ultima VII Part Two - Day 12

On Sunrise Isle. I can feel the end of the game is near. It really has been a long and hard game. I admit I’ve referred to the guide book a few times as some parts are not as clear as The Black Gate.

Sunrise Isle

Here I need to locate all the shrines and put the opposite representation of each item on the various pedestals of each shrine. A book appears and tells me I need to put it on the ground in front of the pillars.

Doing this and bridges appear. I cross the bridges and finally arrive at the grand shrine of balance. Read More...

Ultima VII Part Two - Day 11

Today seemed a little better as I did not have to restore and go back to any previous saved games. After being greeted by the crazy Iolo I made my way through the Castle of the White Dragon.

Crazy Iolo

Iolo keeps popping up and trying to unleash his minions on me. I make my way further into the castle and find the nursery. Dead kids...

Ulima VII Part Two - Day 10

Here’s where things get a bit messy. Not having the correct items or not transcribing a spell to the spell book can really mess things up.

After getting back on track I head over to Monk Isle and the monks tell me about a certain Serpent amour. I must seek Lady. To Fawn I go. When I arrive in Fawn I’m s topped by Rigs and he mentions Lady Yelinda has gone off to the Gorlab swap. I hastily follow after her only to find a ghastly figure.

Lady Yelinda

I restore her beauty by giving her the comb of beauty, in return she give me the key to her armory. Nice! Read More...

Ultima VII Part Two - Day 9

Man this game is massive. Not sure how many hours of playing time they state but its darn big.

Finally I get back to Monk Isle and give Gwenno the water. She recovers and starts researching in the library. She discovers that I need to cage the Banes and more answers can be found in Moonshade.

Back to Moonshade

Ultima VII Part Two - Day 8

After helping out the Gwani they tell me where there is an ice raft and using this I can get to the ice dragons lair. Taking the ice raft I make my way north. I find the lair, sneak inside and meet the mighty ice dragon. No time to think, I release the black sword on him. Time to fill up my bucket with his blood.

I return to Yenani with the blood and she in return gives me a password for SkullCrusher. I head off an enter Skull Crusher. The creepy dungeon reeks with evil. I come across Rudyom’s wand. I think its broken, just make people sneeze now.

Rudyom's Wand

Ultima VII Part Two - Day 7

Well a long, long time between posts, i’ve been playing Wrath of the Liche King. Now where were we? After defeating Rabindrinath I headed to the Great Northern Forest to locate the hound of Doskar. In order to find the hound I need to locate Draygan’s camp.

I located the camp and spoke to Beryl, she then tells me to seek Morghrim. Morghrim is a hermit living in the middle of the Great Northern Forrest. He can show me how to summon the hound if I produce the orb that Draygan stole. He continues to explain I need to kill Draygan using a magic arrow dipped with a solution made from the savior plant. Read More...

Ultima VII Part Two - Day 6

After surviving Furnace Mountains I searched for the Serpent gate to make my way back to the above ground. With a flash I was transported to the Dark Path, where I could make my way back to Monitor.

I was to head north past the Gorlab swamp but I was soon overtaken by the unstoppable slumber of the swamps. Just before I entered into a deep sleep I saw a glimpse of the Serpent. Read More...

Ultima VII Part Two - Day 5

Now that I have my black sword back I returned to the town and speak with Gustacio. He is conducting some kind of weather experiments and needs help.


Gustacio is getting closer to finding out what is going on. I complete the experiments he asks me to do and re-group with my friends after they were teleported away.

Ultima VII Part Two - Day 4

After finding the mandrake roots on Monk Isle I finally got my spell book back. Great news as I was a little unprotected without it. I was then approached by Frigidazzi and she says to meet her at midnight, as she has something for me.

Getting ready

Sure enough she has something for me :)

Ultima VII Part Two - Day 3

The moment we arrive Captain Hawk leaves us in the direction of the nearest pub. Moonshade is the isle of the mages. After wandering around I discovered that some of the mages consider me mundane. How rude. I found out to get my spell book back I need to gather 4 fresh mandrake roots from Monk Isle. Maybe then they will consider me a mage?

Exploring a little of the island I found some strange sights. Some naked woman in the bush.


Ultima VII Part Two - Day 2


The thing I love about Fawn is its different from other cities in Ultima. The white stone with a washed blue backdrop. But Fawn hides a dark mystery. The oracle is really controlled by Voldin in his secret tower. He had been manipulating the Oracle for many years. You are sentenced to death by discovering the truth but after proving yourself innocent Lady Yelinda lets you go free. Rewarding you with a crystal rose. Not sure what the rose is for but I gather later on it will reveled.

After Fawn I headed down to the Sleeping Bull pub to see if I could get passage to Moonshade. I discovered that Captain Hawk had been arrested and lockup up in the tower. I was then approached by Selina and she mentioned of some gold stashed to the north. She joined the party and showed the way. Read More...

Ultima VII Part Two - Day 1

I hastily arrived on the Serpents Isle after being teleported through the Serpent Pillars. I'm now entering into new ground as I never did get around to playing Serpents Isle. I did own it. You start off ship wreaked from the storms and as soon as you step foot on the Serpents Isle your friends seem to be teleported off and out of sight.

After wandering around I came across a strange monk called Thoxa. She hands me the hour glass of fate and explains that an ancient seer named Xenka foresaw my arrival. I continue south to find my friends (all execpt Iolo) and the town of Monitor. Lets his the pub, the slashing sword. Read More...