Ultima IX - Day 9

Well its been five months between posts. I sort of got side tracked...


After cleansing the shrine of sacrifice I headed back to Britain (after several crashes grrr) and spoke with Lord British. He informed me that his astrologers have detected that the columns are pulling the moons into Britannia. Chaos will be upon us and soon all of Britannia will be destroyed. Not good, sounds like the guardian has HAARP technology and is not only creating earthquakes.

Lord British also told me that there is a secret route to Yew. Aha, I knew that mountain looked strange. With the magic that was forbidding the entrance to the cave removed I made my way through. My pike seems to slice the goblins to bits.

The cave is pretty long but I make my way though it and arrive at Yew. After talking to a local at the bridge I died suddenly. Bloody and guts everywhere. Meanwhile the local hovered over my dead body.Very strange bug. Maybe he had a good instant death spell.

Great Crash

Pub Yew

Everyone seems to be talking about the trial. After investigating a little I find its Raven. She is to be burt at the stake. I make my way to the court house and watch the hearing. She is found guilty and teleported to the prison Wrong. I remember this from Ultima VII, darn hard.

After the hearing I speak with the gargoyles and tell them I have a queens egg. All has not been lost. I present the egg to Vasagralem and he gives me in return the red lens. He tells me to meet him at a secret entrance to Wrong. I might be able to rescue Raven.

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