Ultima VII Part Two - Day 7

Well a long, long time between posts, i’ve been playing Wrath of the Liche King. Now where were we? After defeating Rabindrinath I headed to the Great Northern Forest to locate the hound of Doskar. In order to find the hound I need to locate Draygan’s camp.

I located the camp and spoke to Beryl, she then tells me to seek Morghrim. Morghrim is a hermit living in the middle of the Great Northern Forrest. He can show me how to summon the hound if I produce the orb that Draygan stole. He continues to explain I need to kill Draygan using a magic arrow dipped with a solution made from the savior plant.

I found the savior plant with no problems then made my way to the camp to kill Draygan. I fire my magic arrow with Shamino’s bow and kill Draygan. Suddenly Morghrim appears and takes the orb in exchange for a whistle to summon the Hound of Doskar.

Hound of Doska

I summon the hound and show it Cantra’s wooden sword and the hound points north. The hound leads me to Shamino’s Castle. I never knew he had a castle? We are greeted by a friendly face.

Friendly Face

I make my way up to Shamino’s bedroom only to find the body of Cantra. Looks like Batlin was here before us.


The hound takes the scent of Batlin’s Fellowship medallion left behind and points to the North. At this point I need to get some warmer clothes if I am to go to the icy north. I decide to head back to Monitor to buy some furs.

Nice Hat

After equipping my party I head north to find the passage through to mountains. I battle goblins and spiders finally making my way through. He was not so lucky.

The end is neigh

I seek the Gwani Village for shelter and they tell me Gwenno has died. Iolo does not seem to happy. I need to help the tribe and find the Ice Dragons Lair and bring back a bucket of his blood.

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