Ultima VII Part Two - Day 11

Today seemed a little better as I did not have to restore and go back to any previous saved games. After being greeted by the crazy Iolo I made my way through the Castle of the White Dragon.

Crazy Iolo

Iolo keeps popping up and trying to unleash his minions on me. I make my way further into the castle and find the nursery. Dead kids...

Dead Kids

I finally find Dupre, Iolo and Shamino and the battle starts. This actually took me a long time as I did not realise I was getting hit by a lightning trap. This kept killing me. Finally I mange to trap them in the soul prisms. Time to go back to Monk Isle.

Back at Monk Isle Xenka returns. She tells me I need to locate the serpent staff. Using the dark path I goto furnace and locate the serpent staff. Then back to Monk Isle.

Xenka Returns

Xenka tells me I need to make one final sacrifice, I need to die. I agree and head to Monitor when I must throw myself in the cremator machine. Dupre decides he will do it for me and throws himself in. I grab his ashes and head back to Monk Isle.

My next challenge is to go to Skullcrusher and find the Chaos Serpent. I blow the doors right of their hinges. A gran entrance.


I make my way through the twisting tunnels and go lower and lower until I find the grand shrine of the chaos serpent. I place the soul prisms on the pedestals and the chaos serpent talks.

Chaos Serpent Shrine
Dupre speaks through the chaos serpent and tells us we need to go to Sunrise Isle. Using the jawbone I travel to the Isle.

Chaos Serpent
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