Ultima IX - Day 4

After the massive plot-stopper yesterday no major crashes or bugs today. Things seem to go along nicely, though it's a shame the history of previous Ultima games is not really reflected in Ultima IX. I’m not sure why Richard Garriot let it pass? I hear there is a fan patch which completely changes the in-game text to make it more “Ultima like” but I have not tried it. Obviously you loose the in game speech as they only patched the text.

Back to the game... Just before I leave for New Magincia I find the Silver Serpent that was captured by the pirates. I release it and its teleported back to Britain. I must remember to go back to see if there is a reward.

Silver Serpent

After releasing the silver serpent I make my way through the secret passage and arrived in New Magincia, or should I say what’s left of New Magincia. The place is pretty much destroyed.

New Magincia

I find a girl by the name of Katrina and offer to aid in killing the giant wolf and vulture. A very simple task. She gives me the Sigil of Humility in return. A quick night shot here with the moon in the background. Looks awfully WOW too me. I wonder where they got the look from? :)

New Magincia at night

Katrina tells me I need to locate the shrine of humility, its been long forgotten underwater. This took me a while because I was not sure which darn rock to stand on. Standing on the right rock and the shire emerges from beneath the waves.

Shrine of Humility

When I recite the mantra of the shrine a massive whirlpool sucks me under. OMG!


I arrive in Ambrosia, the gargoyle city. They gargoyles are not too happy with the Avatar and they call me the false prophet. Could this be I’ve traveled in time back to Ultima VI? Ambrosia is beneath the ocean, a mighty city created by Wislem.


The textures here are especially good. Not sure why they did not use a better texture for the rocks in the rest of the world. *Sigh*

I explore a little and find a few cool things. Levitation boots and a trapped sailor trying to make a stone ship.

Using the levitation boots I find the great Wislem and he asks me to assist him with his grand statue for the queen. I aid him only to find the entire statue comes crashing down and takes half the structure with it. The gargoyle city is destroyed.

Queens Statue

Wislem helps me escape and tells me in order to save the gargoyle race I need to take an egg from the queen and take it to the surface. The queen is not too happy that I want an egg. Grabbing the egg I make a run for it to the teleporter. In a flash I’m teleported out to what looks like Hythloth.


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