Ultima VII Part Two - Day 4

After finding the mandrake roots on Monk Isle I finally got my spell book back. Great news as I was a little unprotected without it. I was then approached by Frigidazzi and she says to meet her at midnight, as she has something for me.

Getting ready

Sure enough she has something for me :)

Nice Arse

Frigidazzi seduces me then we are rudely interrupted by her husband, Filbercio. Bad move as he is the Mage Lord. I'm am banished to the Mountains of Freedom where if I find my way back alive my life will be spared.

Took me a while to pass through the Mountains of Freedom. They were full of death traps, monsters and dragons. Arriving to the end I find my Black Sword. Just in time as I need to call on it one last time to slay the dragon.


A shame as I promised the djinni I would free him if he killed one last time. So now my Black Sword is demon-less but still very powerful.

Demon Unleashed
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