Ultima VII Part Two - Day 5

Now that I have my black sword back I returned to the town and speak with Gustacio. He is conducting some kind of weather experiments and needs help.


Gustacio is getting closer to finding out what is going on. I complete the experiments he asks me to do and re-group with my friends after they were teleported away.

Wearher Machine

I think I’m now ready to go to Furnace. Sounds like a World of Warcraft instance :) I make my way to the catacombs after speaking to Julia. After wandering around and killing a few Ratmen I find the entrance to Furnace.


Lucky I have my chill spell because its darn hot in here. I’m greeted by Zhelkas and he asks me to take the test. He had visions of a hero. I agree and start to explore the Gargoyles city. I find the Pillars of Chaos and enter the test.

Serpent Gate

I survive the test and decide to search the city.
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