Ultima VI - Day 3

Well this is certainly getting interesting. I decided to steal a skiff which I guess removed some karma points. Then when I tried to use the skiff it said I needed a deed to use it. LOL. That’s when I decided to buy one. They really come in handy when you find water in a dungeon.

I took the Gargoyles book as instructed to the Lycaeum and Mariah told me she needed another part of a table to finish the translation of the text. She said she got the first part of the tablet from some group of gypsies in a bar. I then needed to hunt down the smelly gypsy scum. I managed to find them outside of Trinsic. I questioned them and found out that the pirates in Buccaneer’s Den hold the other half.


All fingers pointed to Budo. Took me ages to locate the secret door to his hut. After speaking with him I’m to “retire” and old guild member who seems to be in the Sewers of Britannia. Did not find anyone yet but still looking.


I’ve been hacking and slashing in the dungeons to get my XP up. Also to make some gold. I really got my arsed kicked by the Gargoyle near the Shrine of Passion in Cove.


Right now I’m sort of stuck. Need to find this old guild member in the sewers...

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