Ultima IX - Day 8

Coventous was a nice change but the darn skeletal warriors really did me in. I hate the fact that they re-spawn so fast.

I pretty much cleared level one quiet quickly. I found the gear and fixed the broken cog for the lift.


I meet Lothar who is blocking my way down to the deeper levels. I was told I need the Gringolet in order to defeat him. This was somewhere in the Gypsy camp. After wandering around a little I notice a dog pointing to a flooded cave. Swimming through I find the Gringolet on a rock.

I head back to meet Lothar. He tells me an evil liche made him undead. I defeat him and use his key to descend to the next level.

Level two of Coventous is pretty small. I find Skully, a pile of bones who want to be put to rest in his grave. I grab the bones and start looking for the grave.


I take the lift down to level 3 where I locate Skully’s grave. He is now at rest. I also find the Helm of Radiance. Not a great amor class but it does light my way quiet nicely. I head down to level 4 to find most of this level is flooded.


I swim around for a bit and find the right way. I locate the glyph of sacrifice and also the entrance to the Liche’s domain. I sacrifice my Gringolet to disarm the force field. I kind of liked that sword. Was very fast and does good damage on undead.


The liche summons a few zombies which poisoned me a few times. I had no potions to cure me so on the third attempt I got him. A part from the poison from the zombies the Liche just stands there and takes damage. I’m not sure if this is a bug or just crap programming? Was way to easy.

I head back to the gypsy camp and speak with Laszlo he sacrifices himself and give me the codex lens and sigil. I cleanse the shrine of sacrifice.

Shrine of Sacrifice

I slowly make my way to the docks where Raven is waiting for me. I tell her to take me to Britain. I need to re stock up on everything.

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