Ultima VII Part Two - Day 6

After surviving Furnace Mountains I searched for the Serpent gate to make my way back to the above ground. With a flash I was transported to the Dark Path, where I could make my way back to Monitor.

I was to head north past the Gorlab swamp but I was soon overtaken by the unstoppable slumber of the swamps. Just before I entered into a deep sleep I saw a glimpse of the Serpent.


I then entered the dream realm....

Dream Realm

I explored around finding Lord British and his castle in ruins. I did manage to make use of the cool magic weapons stashed in his chest. Good old British. I encountered Siranush who explained to me that the town of Gorlab was destroyed and its people pushed into the dream realm by the sorcerer named Rabindrinath. Only by stealing his dream crystal could I save the town and its people.


Using the Helm of courage, the crystal rose of beauty and the mirror of truth I was able to defeat him.

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