Ultima VIII - Day 9

The plot thickens as they say. After activating my foci and discovering who really stole the focus from Xavier I made my way to windy point to speak with Stratos.

Torwin Jumps

I confront Torwin and he confesses all. He then jumps off the edge, great another dead body. Doh! I then make the leap of faith myself and with the help of Stratos I make it to a ledge.


Jumping from ledge to ledge I make my way to Stratos.


After a cheerful conversation with Stratos I’m left with the problem of where to locate the Breath of Wind. Stratos will not part with it. I need to locate this in order to have enough power to defeat the guardian.

I will return now to Terebrae to speak with the locals about a so called ghost armor. Sounds very interesting.

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