Ultima VIII - Day 10

I think I’ve blown my chance to find the secret ghost armor. Jenna is mad at me and there is no way to continue the sub plot. Doh!

Back to the main quest. My next challenge was to find Hydros, Titan of water. The location was not too clear. Carthax lake was mentioned. I eventually found it.


Over a dry crater I climb bridges hanging high in the air, Hydros is trapped in a small pool of water. She asks me to set her free and I agree.

Hydros Domain

See wants me to open the ground near where her beloved was captured. This proves to be quiet easy as I find a small cave entrance to the North west. Passing trolls and traps I find the tombstone of the belovered. Casting open ground the water starts flowing freely once again.

Hydros is free

Hydros is free. OMG what have I done? Hydros is pretty mad as she has been trapped for a very long time. She now wants revenge and Pagan is her target.

Hydros starts flooding Pagan once again and her storms can be seen everywhere. I flee back to speak with Devon and he tells me I need to help to resolve the problems with the storms.

Sorcerers Enclave

The sorcerers enclave is the next location. Even deeper into Pagan I travel, burning with molt and lava I dabble. Devon pays me a visit and warns of the sorcerers short fuse. I start speaking to the locals to find out where I am and what needs doing.


Here in the sorcerers enclave they practice sorcery. Using pentagrams and the elements they wiled this power. I’ve not yet found any clues to what needs to be done yet but I’m sure things will start to unravel once again.

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