Ultima VIII - Day 4

Well this is certainly getting interesting. After spending a load of time in the dungeons I finally made my way to Stone Cove where I found a patch of earth to create the earth Golem the necromancer told me about.

Earth Golem

The Golem opened the doors with ease. As I wander in the doors close shut behind me. This is the Hall of the Mountain King. I have to locate him.


I pass through a room with levers and when pulled seem to open something, a strange bridge to the West. After crossing the bridge I find a bizarre maze of blue force fields which do devastation damage. Throwing blue mushrooms in the vicinity I can make my way through the force field maze.

Force Field

Heading on deeper into the mountain I find a teleport pad. Activating it I secure my safe journey back to Tenebrae. I finally locate the Mountain King Lithos who morphs out of the wall and starts speaking to me.


Lithos asks me why I’m here and I tell him that I want to become a necromancer. He tells me I need to inter Lothien first. So I head back to Tenebrae via the teleport pad. Ultima VIII is getting interesting but I am starting to see why the fans really were upset and let down with it. There are more jumping and running than realy mind puzzles like in Ultima VII part Two.

I’m still enjoying it very much and will be sad when I finish it as it was always one of those games in my collection.
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