Ultima VIII - Day 5

What a day. I stumbled across a site that mentioned that they were given access to old Origin Systems data and that they had found a tape labeled U8-Project Archive. I instantly though of the Lost Vale expansion. This was all in vain as doing a little research and speaking to the people involved it turned out the tape was only full of images and press material, no Lost Vale Source code. Looks like its lost forever.

Back to the blogging...After meeting the Mountain King I head back to the cemetery and inter Lothien.

Interring Lothien

Her remains are present and the ceremony begins. The Mountain King speaks and the body is taken back to the earth. My next job is to try and free Devon. He was taken by Mordea’s guards and thrown into jail. After speaking with him I need to locate the information Bentic was compiling before he was killed. It sounds like he was in over his neck.

Devon Kicking Arse

Sure enough, I located Bentic’s journal and instantly I was surrounded by Mordea’s guards. I am taken to Mordea and she sentences both Devon and I too death. At that moment I shout out that Devon is the rightfully king. All hell breaks loose and Mordea is thrown to the Lurker. Devon has a lot of work here to get things back to normal.

My next task is to locate the Zealans deep in the catacombs. Once again takes me absolutely ages to find the right door to the Zealans. I wander around and come to a darn hard puzzle.

Darn Hard Puzzle

Took me ages to get the right combination and have the door open above the stairs. After this I find the Zealans and they tell me I need to acquire a blackrock prism from Khumash-Gor.


I open the doors and Khumash-Gor is waiting for me. His ghost attacks me but is no match for the Avatar. I slay him and take the blackrock prism and return to the Zealans.

Khumash Gor

They tell me I need to acquire all the elements from the titans in order to destroy them. A pretty hard task I’d be thinking.

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