Ultima IX - Day 11

After cleansing the shrine in Yew I made my way back to the docks in Britain to meet up with Raven..but she was not there. In our last conversation she told me to meet her in the docks in Britain but she was nowhere to be found. WTF? I tried restoring a game to make sure that she was not trapped in Dungeon Wrong and that I had to somehow cut her free. Nooo…that would be too easy. I had to head back to the Court house in Yew and let the proceedings finish so that our names would be cleared.

After that was done Raven takes the helm and suddenly the boat is possessed. We are taken to Terfin. The entrance does look awfully familiar.

Guardians Lair

I enter into the cave and nearly fall off my chair. The shadow lords…well statues of them. They still look very scary.

Shadow Lords

As I go deeper into the cave the gates shut behind me. Trapped no what out. I keep going forward and come upon a door. A dark door. I enter and I meet my old friend the Guardian.


He is now indestructible. Nothing I do can kill him. Not good…He shows me Skara Brae images of Skara Brae burning. People dying. There is laughter…Then I’m teleported back to my boat where Raven is waiting for me. I have to break the bad news to her that he protector and father has been slaughtered by the guardian.


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