Ultima IX - Day 1

Well this is a first. I remember seeing this game on a mates computer. I never brought it, not sure why? I was not one for the new 3D graphics that seemed to be entering into the market. Maybe or perhaps because my PC at the time did not have a good 3D graphics card. I do remember people complaining about the bugs in this game. I’ve only been playing it for a short time and I’ve had many crashes. I’ve even installed the 1.19f patch.

Ultima IX

It's certainly a big change in game play, world, graphics, and engine. I’m not 100% convinced but I seem to bathe myself in the world quiet easily. I’m a little disappointed with Britain though. Seems too small. Nothing like Ultima VII.

After speaking with the gypsy I choose the path of a tinker. Hope this does not reflect myself in any manner :) I make my way through the moongate behind the gypsy’s caravan and arrive in StoneGate, a nice little introduction to get the feel of the new interface. I make my way through the cave and as I’m fighting the bad guy I trigger a teleported and get teleported to Britain.

Britain Church

Britain Church

After locating and speaking with Lord British (Shame no voice acting from the real Lord British) I explore the castle and grab any items of use. I explore a little of Britain, the museum and shops then decide to head to Despise.

On the way I hear the famous stones music and pay a visit to Gwenno. My how she has changed. How did she return from the Serpents Isle?


I’m now trying to locate the entrance to Despise but keep getting killed my rats, highway men and other strange plant creatures. I think my character needs a little more training.

I find the Guardians pillars... Looks kind of scary. Boo!

Guardian Pillars

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