Ultima VIII - Day 3

Today has been a great day. I did get sort of stuck in Tenebrae earlier. It took me a while to find the plot path again. I needed to locate the necromancer in the graveyard out of town. Following the road to the East I find the graveyard.


Vividos is found walking outside. He explains to me the ceremonial dagger has been taken and that I need to recover it so he can finish the ceremony. I go back to the castle and try and break in to Mordea’s room. I manage to get half way. I speak to Aramina and she tells me to meet her at bloodwatch.


I find Aramina in her house in the east part of town. She gives me a key to Mordrea’s bedroom where I can find the dagger.

I return to Vividos and he starts the ceremony. After the ceremony has finished Vividos offers to take me on as his apprentice.


I need to find the mountain king. The entrance can only be opened by the “open ground” spell. I cast the spell and the doors open before me. A stale smells wofts out of the ancient tomb.

Mountain Entrance

I run into the catacombs and the doors seal behind me. The catacombs are massive and filed with undead and traps. Blindly finding my way through I find a door that reads “The Birthplace of Moriens” I open the door and the floor gives way and I fall to a new level.


Here I start to meet dead necromancers and by casting the “Death Speak” spells I’m able to communicate with them. Each Necromancer I meet teachers me a new spell.


Wandering and wandering, through lava and fire I find all the necromancers and make my way out. I need to locate Stone Cove and then use my Create Golem spells to open the great doors the Hall of the Mountain King.

Lava and Fire
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