Ultima VIII - Day 8

After my non productive day I finally stumbled onto the path again. There is a door on the eastern edge of the UpperCatacombs that opens to another level above. Here I found a door and using the key given to me by Vividos this led me to Argentrock Isle.

Argentrock Isle

As I cross the bridge a wind picks up. I’m in the domain of Stratos, titan of the air. I come across a city where I meet a mage called Xavier. I ask him for enlightenment, he tests me. Failing the first time I head over to the library and start reading the books there.

The second time around there is no doubt in my mind. He then asks me to take the Centreness test. I make my way over to windy point and climb up.

Centreness test

The wind blows me from side to side. I fight hard not to fall, I pass the test. I head back to Xavier and he tells me I need to speak with Stellos. Stellos explains to me I need to make a focus in order to channel the magic of Theurgy. To do this I need to go deep into the Silver mine under the monastery and bring back a piece of silver ore. Then Komric can forge my focus.

Silver Mine

I locate a chunk of silver ore and teleport to Tenebrae where Komric makes my focus. I then head back to the Monastery where Stratos activates my focus.

Focus activated

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