Ulima VII Part Two - Day 10

Here’s where things get a bit messy. Not having the correct items or not transcribing a spell to the spell book can really mess things up.

After getting back on track I head over to Monk Isle and the monks tell me about a certain Serpent amour. I must seek Lady. To Fawn I go. When I arrive in Fawn I’m s topped by Rigs and he mentions Lady Yelinda has gone off to the Gorlab swap. I hastily follow after her only to find a ghastly figure.

Lady Yelinda

I restore her beauty by giving her the comb of beauty, in return she give me the key to her armory. Nice!

King of the White Dragon

My next task is to go to the white dragons castle and destroy the banes. A massive task that seemed to take me for ever. Lots of saving, restoring and frustration. I’m greeted by the king of the White Dragon in the entrance. He mumbles a few words then disappears in a puff of smoke.

Iolo the damned

The White Dragon Castle is a maze of keys and locks. I really wish I finished the Silver Seed expansion before continuing. Lots of my restores have been due to missing keys and items. I really need the keyring. Darn wish Origin had thought of it back in Ultima VII.

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