Ultima IX - Day 3

Day 3 and I’m stopped by a massive plot-stopper bug. I have the darn 1.19f patch too. arrrggh. I can see how the fans must have been furious when this first came out.

Here’s the bug. After cleansing the Shrine of Compassion the rune and sigil are no where to be found. After browsing the net a little I found a site that mentioned that sometimes they are floating high in the air above the shrine. Sure enough that’s where they were. I had to use the cheats to fly up and grab them.

With the rune I could then go and speak to Raven to get passage to Buccaneer’s Den.

Buccaneers Den

Buccaneer’s Den, the pirates lair. Raven leaves me on the docks where straight away there’s trouble. Once again nothing my fire sword could not fix. Raven mentions I ‘m to seek out Samhayne as he was the one who sent for me.

Buccaneer's Den

I decide to explore a little before seeking out Samhayne. I find the local cartographer and buy myself an authentic treasure map. Not sure if its authentic but it does look cool. Another annoying bug here. The shop people seem to always be walking on top of there counters. Looks very crap. This game seems more buggy than Ultima VIII.


Exploring more and I find a slave girl. She tells me she was kidnapped. In order to release her I need to locate her belongings. Traveling up the mountains I find Samhayne. I agree to cleanse the shrine. My task now is to get to New Magincia, get the rune and restore the shrine.
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