Ultima VII Part Two - Day 12

On Sunrise Isle. I can feel the end of the game is near. It really has been a long and hard game. I admit I’ve referred to the guide book a few times as some parts are not as clear as The Black Gate.

Sunrise Isle

Here I need to locate all the shrines and put the opposite representation of each item on the various pedestals of each shrine. A book appears and tells me I need to put it on the ground in front of the pillars.

Doing this and bridges appear. I cross the bridges and finally arrive at the grand shrine of balance.

Shrine of Ballance

I make my way through the first set of doors by placing the objects on the pedestals. I then come to another room which is a maze of buttons and teleport pads. After working out the right combination a bridge and teleport pad appears. I’m teleported into the void where the order serpent instructs me to place the items on the floor. Doing this I get the eye of serpent and I’m declared “balanced” .

I’m teleported back to the room and the main doors open. The serpent appears and attempts to stop me by sending Ice men.


I hack them into tiny pieces. I think place the blackrock items on the floor and the snake altar starts to shake. Using the serpent sword I smash the statue.

Ice MenSerpent

End Game

End Game

End Game

End Game

End Game

What a game. This still stands the test of time. It must have taken the designers so long to plan. I still think The Black Gate is better though. You can’t help to notice the changes that I guess E.A were forcing at the time.
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