Ultima IX - Day 10

My time between posts is getting pretty crazy. Side tracked is an understatement.

In my last posting I was ready to enter into the dungeon of Wrong, rescue Raven and return with the glyph. I remember Wrong from Ultima VII part 2, loaded with teleports, puzzles and long winding corridors. Wrong in Ultima IX is pretty confusing too. I think the confusing part is the sub level between levels. It's the jail section where all the prisoners are kept. To get pasted certain gates and locked doors you need to travel through it.


The dungeons contain lots of nasty torture devices. Ye olde iron maiden in the corner. The thing that is different with dungeon Wrong is that you can’t kill the guards. If they catch you your teleported back to your cell. The trick is to try and not get caught. After playing Skyrim you do notice the AI is pretty crap in the game.
After 30mins of searching I find Raven in a cell with a nice wall of fire. I run through the flames, turn a few valves and release her.


After releasing Raven I made my way deeper into Wrong. Right near the end I encounter the most horrible bug. Well, I think its a bug. There is room full of water with a bridge. As you enter gates on both side of the room lock, trapping you. Then the bridge sinks, leaving you swimming in water infested with fleshing eating fish. Your meant to kill the flesh eating fish then turn the valve to open the gates. For some reason this was impossible. Some invisible force was stopping me entering the alcove where the valve is located. Massive bug or what??? In the end the only way was to cheat and fly past the gate. This would be a real game stopper if you did not know the cheat commands.

With Wrong completed and the glyph in my hands I returned to Yew, found the Shrine of Justice and cleansed it.

Clensing shrine

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