Ultima IX - Day 5

Hythloth, a horrible dungeon full of spiders and other nasties. This was actually quiet challenging.


The trick here is to gather the coloured statues and then place them on the matching pedestals. Seems easy enough but it does get kind of tricky.


Things get all messed up and you need to find the swamp boots otherwise the poison kicks in. I managed to make my way through the dungeon and finding all the statues. You eventually arrive to an under the sea section where there are two exits. The easy one or the hard one. There are rumors that the easy exit was installed because Richard Garriot felt it was too challenging. The light system part was kind of hard.

After escaping Hythloth I go back to cleanse the shrine and then onto Buccaneer’s Den to claim the codex. To my surprise Blackthorn is waiting for me. It’s a trap and I’ve been had.

Blackthorns Trap

Blackthorn's Trap

Blackthorn throws you into his dungeon and takes all your belongings. I really hope I get my spell book back.

The first part of Deceit is cool. There is a strange funky spider in a hidden passage way that seems to put me into a parallel world and I can walk through doors. Colours like when you eat the mushrooms in Ultima VIII. I manage to escape from my cell and head deeper into Deciet.

I think in Ultima VII part II you need to cast the chill spell in order to stand the heat. In Deceit there is no reference to that. Iolo would of liked to have been with me. In order to get the globes to break out you need to shoot a bow at many targets. This seems much easier than Hythloth.


I make my way through Deciet, in lifts, across lava and through teleport pads and finally I arrive to what looks like the exit. I’m close, freedom is in the air.


I arrive at the pillar and I’m greeted by Wyrmguard Hairam and her hellhound. The hellhound drops to the floor with my war-hammer in its head. Very nice weapon.

Pillar in Deceit

I then take out Wyrmguard Hairam and her doubles. I grab the glyph and run out the exit. I find myself in Moonglow and there is a note from Raven on the exit wall. She will meet me back at the docks. Very strange indeed.

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