Ultima IX - Day 7

A band of gypsies and shit everywhere. I’m in Minoc now after getting passage with Raven. Minoc is a horrible town full of gypsy scum. I approach the campfire to find Blackthorn and the gyspsy leader conversing. Blackthorn curses the gypsies and if they try and help me there will be problems.

Gypsies in Minoc

Blackthorn disappears and I speak with Rom Baro the gypsy leader. He tells me they need their blackrock crystal ball back. I offer to find it.

I also find Nico the reagent seller from Britain locked up in jail. After speaking with the mayor I stick my axe through his head. He was not cooperating. He drops the key to the jail and I release Nico. In return he gives me the orb of the moons. Niceone.

Exploring a little at night I meet a ghost in one of the abandon houses and find her lost doll. Now I must head to the old haunted mine of Covetous.

Covetous Mine

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