Ultima VII Part Two - Day 9

Man this game is massive. Not sure how many hours of playing time they state but its darn big.

Finally I get back to Monk Isle and give Gwenno the water. She recovers and starts researching in the library. She discovers that I need to cage the Banes and more answers can be found in Moonshade.

Back to Moonshade

Back to the dead city of Moonshade and I speak with Torissio about soul prisms. He lets go that he knows a spell to create them. He gives me the spell and I memorise it in my spellbook.

He mentions Ducio knows how to make worm gems, the ingredient for soul prisms. Ducio asists and creates 3 worm gems. I then turn them into soul prisms. I head back to Monk Isle and speak with Gwenno.

Gwenno tells me I need to bathe the soul prisms in the waters of the temples of chaos to strengthen them. First stop is Enthusiasm.

Temple of Enthusiasm

I hastily make my way through the temple and find the water. I bathe the first soul prism and it glows and changes colour. Its ready. I take a peek in the magic lens and see the banes in action.

I then make my way to the temple of emotion. Here I find a little girl called Shriash who is trapped in the wall . By breaking the column she is released and I then can bathe the next soul prism in the temples waters.

Temple of Tolerance

The last temple is the temple of Tolerance. Here I am greeted by skeletal warriors. They are no match for my black sword. I discover Mortegro is trapped on a small island surrounded by water. There is some sort of magic blocking his and he can’t escape. I release the drawbridge and he offers me the summon shade spell. Might come in handy later. As I escort him outside and back to Moonshade he’s struck by lightning and dies in a puff of smoke. I search his body for anything valuable. (As you do)

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