Ultima VI - Day 1 & 2

Ultima VI. I could not hold out to play this. It was always a game that I booted up but never really played. Guess I liked the intro and music more than dedicate the time to really play it.

Ultima VI Intro

Ultima VI intro

Ultima VI intro

I’m quiet surprised with the similarities to Ultima VII. It’s similar in many ways. My Roland Sound Canvas is not supported so I’m using my Roland CM-64. Does seem very Adliby though. Old Miles Sounds System. Music does get quiet annoying as its repeats the songs over and over again.

I stared off in Lord British’s castle and defending against the evil gargoyles which have come through the moongate. I have my full party with all my old friends.

Lord British

After defeating the gargoyles I spend quiet a bit of time searching the castle equipping my characters for the adventure ahead. It’s taking me a while to get used to the text typing system. Sometimes its quiet hard to really know what to type. I guess I’m missing lots of plot clues by not using the correct terminology.

I’ve not really done too much apart from get a few of the runes from the towns. In order to get the runes you need to complete a few of the quests in the towns where the runes reside. A part from the rune from Trinsic which I stole. The mayor did say as long as its returned. =)

I’ve worked out how to use the moonstones. Placing it on the floor in front of me which summons a moongate to a specific location. I’ve mapped out the ones I know but I still need to work out further towns.

I still need to buy some cure poison potions as I keep getting poisoned. No-way to cure it apart from a healer, potion or spell. None of which I have at this time.

After traveling to the Lycaeum and speaking with Mariah my path leads me to Buccaneers Den. Lots of pirate scum here.

Bucaneers Den

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