Ultima VII Part Two - Day 8

After helping out the Gwani they tell me where there is an ice raft and using this I can get to the ice dragons lair. Taking the ice raft I make my way north. I find the lair, sneak inside and meet the mighty ice dragon. No time to think, I release the black sword on him. Time to fill up my bucket with his blood.

I return to Yenani with the blood and she in return gives me a password for SkullCrusher. I head off an enter Skull Crusher. The creepy dungeon reeks with evil. I come across Rudyom’s wand. I think its broken, just make people sneeze now.

Rudyom's Wand

I need to find the vampire Vasculio I locate him sleeping, no stakes at hand so I unleash the Magebane on him. He puts up a good flight but is no match for the Avatar and his trusty band of misfits.


After slaying him I find a key which allows me to escape form SkullCrsuher. I arrive at the Temple of Emotion using the moons eye I see visions of Batlin once again. I go deeper into the dungeon. I find the Chapel of Ethicality, Chapel of Discipline and Chapel of Logic.

Thy book


Collecting the artifacts I return to the entrance to the grand shrine. I place the items on the pedestal and the doors open before us.

Making my way further inside I come to a huge set of wooden doors. I can hear chanting coming from within. Could it be?

Doors to Batlin

Throwing the doors open we burst inside to find Batlin trying to contact the Chaos Bane’s. We surround him and attack. Batlin falls but its too late. He released the Chaos Banes and Iolo, Dupre and Shamino are all possessed. They disappear in a puff of smoke.


I head back to Vasculios treasure room to find the Gwani’s horn. Dispelling the magic field I grab it. I now have to free Gwenno. She appears trapped, the serpent said. I leave the dungeon and make my way back to the Gwani camp, grab the ice raft and head out too look for Gwenno.

I come across a small island with an entrance to what looks to be a cave. Heading inside I find it’s the Gwani ice tomb. Using the horn I break my way in. I come across a tomb only to find Gwenno inside. Using the horn I release her. She’s dead. I head back to Monk Island to resurrect her only to find she has lost her mind.

The Monks tell me I need to go back to Moonshade to get the scroll of the serpent to aid Gwenno. Back in Moonshade chaos has been unleashed. The Evil Shamino has killed pretty much everyone. I find Fedabiblio but he’s a statue. Releasing him he gives me the scroll I seek.


I head back to Monk Isle where Karnax tells me about the imbalance virtues. I need to find the water of discipline from the Temple of Discipline. This time I need help. There is acid surrounding it. I speak with Petra and she agrees to help me out. I use the mind transfer machine in the temple to transfer my mind to her body.


Using Petra’s body and my mind I collect the water and return to Monk Isle.

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