Ultima IX - Day 2

Day 2 on Ultima IX. New graphics. New sound and no more Roland MT32 or SC55. I concentrated my efforts in Britain and the surrounding areas. In the castle grounds I discovered a maze and after getting lost I stumbled upon a nice fire sword before finding the exit.

As I was heading west to Paws I came across a house that was on fire. The little boy told me his mother had been kidnapped. I find the pirates that kidnapped her and put my fire sword through them. One dropped a journal which spoke of a hidden cave with held great treasure.


Well was not that great the treasure. Lots of gold and gems. Late I will sell these for a nice price in Britain. With that little side quest done I finally find the entrance to the dungeon of Despise.


Once inside Despise I make my way deeper and deeper and the come to a water filled area. I meet some other adventures who have been trapped. I free them and they tell me about the Kiran Stone.


The Kiran Stone has 4 parts to it which reveals a special item. Each of the parts are hidden deep inside Despise. I find them all and I also find Iolo. He is being controlled by the evil wizard. I defeat him and he allows me to grab the corrupt stone.

Road to Paws

I leave Despise and make my way to Paws where I see the Mayor is looking for his daughter. I offer to help and free her from the goblins. In return he gives me the sigil.

Shrine of Compasion healed

With both the rune and the sigil I can now heal the shrine of compassion. Doing so I’m granted a new dexterity point.

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