Ultima IX - Day 6

After exiting Hythloth I’m presented with Duncan. He was sent by Tydus to kill me. Supposedly I have his families dagger. I convince him that I don’t have it and offer to find it.

I make my way to Moonglow where I meet an angered man called Tydus. He wants me to retrieve a staff from a nearby cave.


I make my way to the cave and find it full of thieves. I hack them with my warhammer and head back to Tydus.


Tydus tells me it was a mistake and send me to another cave in the North. Another red herring but this time there is a daemon there. I trade with him and he gives me the heartstone. I head back to Tydus and the game is a foot. I finally persuade him to give me access to the Lyceaum.


Now at night there is a strange mist which seems to have fallen upon Moonglow. It looks sinister.

Sinister Moonglow mist

The Lyceaum appears floating over the middle of Moonglow. Each residence has a secret button which calls and magic car to take you to it.


After consulting the oracle I’m told I need to cleanse the shrine of honesty. I head back down and find Batista who wants the shield from one of the other mages houses. The reward is the sigil. Doing this I return to her with the shield and she in return gives me the sigil. Now I have both sigil and rune and can now cleanse the shrine of honesty.

Shrine of Honesty

Once I cleanse the shrine I return to Moonglow. Again I have to use the hack tool to retrieve the sigil and rune. Very crap.
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